The door to my dorm room “Oasis” squeaks and sounds like the opening trumpet glissando of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Like an earworm, I have the rest of the score follow in my head…26 times per hour. I am going insane. 


 Finally, I did get some sleep with the help of Phenergan and Bevherovka and sheer exhaustion. I think this was my first legitimate sleep in all trip! At midday I sat upright in my top bunk and hit my head on the roof. Excellent start. Then in my blind state without my -5 contacts I started feeling around for my phone which was plugged in thanks to my bunk mate from Hawaii with whom I negotiated to share the single power plug.

I had messages from Josephine and Adela. Josephine had just finished her thesis!! Hooray!! She was now officially a Bachelor of Psychology! She works with Autistic children and does a fantastic job. The other message was from Fina’s best friend Adela, asking if I wanted to have lunch, and help plan Fina’ surprise celebration party.

After negotiating the shared hostel bathroom and only dropping my hair elastic once on the wet floor (yuk), I legged it to Adela’s office where she met me and gave me a much needed coffee.
We chatted over our lunch of trout and potatoes, and discovered we have so much in common despite being from opposite sides of the world. Adela is about to move to Bali. Czech people think Bali is a fantastic destination and rave about it. Adela and Veronika have a business which consults to companies to help employees with positive thinking and personal development. They are two of the most positive girls I have ever met!
Adela then took me on a team to a suburb to purchase helium balloons and decor for Fina’s party. This certainly is not in the Lonely Planet guide book!! I feel lucky to have swung into the lives of these girls and to have a glimpse into how they live.
Here are some photos from our balloons on the tram:

And then setting up at Martin’s restaurant: 

The restaurant is where the group of friends go for every night out or celebration. It is owned by Martin and his parents. Just lovely.
Adela and I went shoe shopping, and bought Fina a Pandora charm of the letter J. Then settled in at the restaurant to have some pre party drinks and chats!

Then everyone arrived, we had jaeger shots, and Fina had a wonderful surprise 🙂


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