In short: I met the man himself, and he was very kind and humble and took a selfie of us with my phone!!

It was the last thing I expected to happen this evening!! I’m so lucky!

It started when I got a bit lost in Prague in the rain.  

I came across the Rudolfinum because I heard music wafting onto the street, so walked into the building and bought some G clef earrings.

Then, I noticed the billboard outside advertising that Yo-Yo was playing. I usually see these signs and think – that’s nice, that’s for other people… But I thought today – I’ll go!! And ran into the office and bought the cheapest ticket I could find which was still quite expensive: 2999 Kr.  

I was so excited!! It started to pour but I didn’t mind. Tonight I was seeing Yo-Yo Ma in concert!!! I had been reflecting on my trip, that I couldn’t shop for anything due to my small bag – and the only things I wanted to purchase were language courses and experiences. This is definitely an excellent experience!

Fina showed me around her beautiful city in the afternoon (next post), and she explained that to attend the Rudolfinum, you need to wear formal clothes. I did not have any formal clothes.

So, she messaged her friend Laura, and we arrived at Laura’s house to borrow a dress and heels for me.

Here are the girls in Laura’s wardrobe.

We discussed how in Prague, Bali is considered an exotic destination, and Croatia for them is how Bali is for Australians! Hilarious!!

Fina escorted me right to the theatre:

And then took my photo on the red carpet – do you know how hard it is to walk in stilettos on cobblestones?

There were people in ball gowns, and white tie – so I felt a little out of place, but was so thankful I had a proper dress.

My seat was amazing – in the closest stall to the stage – overlooking the orchestra!

I love being surrounded live by music. The woman next to me cried when Yo-Yo played. He was interesting to watch because he was so relaxed, and happy! He was smiling at all the other musicians on stage, and moved to the music when he was not even playing – just being so involved. When he did play, it was effortlessly perfect and beautiful.  I didn’t take photos during the concert, but during his encore everyone was taking photos so I took one too:

Standing ovation! 

My cousin Catherine Jones, a virtuouso cellist, has played with Yo-Yo Ma, and she told me to say hello to him for her after the concert. So when it was over, I made my way to the stage door. However, I got swept along in a crowd of people in ballgowns and ended up at a very fancy party – feeling like a Bond Girl… I was alone, and in a dress two sizes too big. I felt like a complete imposter. I kept waiting for security to come and escort me out!

But, I held my head high and asked for a Prosecco, and tried to look nonchalant, if not a little bored.

I met a couple who were American abd Japanese with twins who have Mongolian spots due to their Ghengis Khan lineage…

I listened to speeches in Czech, nodding and smiling at goodness knows what.

Then, as I was waiting in line for the dinner (may as well eat!!), Yo-Yo walked in and right next to me!

I aborted mission Roast Lamb, and walked up to him and introduced myself and told him I am Catherine Jones’ cousin. He was delighted and hugged me and then took a selfie with my phone for me!!! He was very humble and kind and normal! Thank you Yo-Yo. I wish we could have spoken more, but he was pulled in several direction to very important people. 

I was so ecstatic that I then told random people in line for the lamb that I had just met Yo-Yo Ma!

I met a couple from Cyprus who had travelled to Prague just for the concert. I feel so fortunate to have had this experience.


I skipped onto the 17 tram with the ticket Fina bought for me, and was so excited that I took off the shoes, and ran back to my hostel barefoot!! 

I’m still on a high from this incredible concert, and meeting. Thank you Yo-Yo Ma!! 

With love, from Josephine

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