I have been very lucky so far, to have stayed in places with friends, or with volunteer accomodation, but in Prague, I’m staying at a hostel.

The people I have encountered are worth noting.

There was the lady in the bathroom who had a 30 minute face cleaning regime. When I started my shower, she was foaming her face. When I completed my shower and changing etc (which is a dance routine in itself) she was still foaming. When I came back to the bathroom 15 minutes later, she was applying a small sanding rotator to her face, and then she was patting her face with her hands after that. I felt my face routine was vastly inadequate after seeing her routine morning and night.

I met my bunk buddy too- Hawaiian girl who needs to buy warmer clothes – like me. Who know it would be so cold this early !!

Most of the other dorm residents are asian women who are quiet and respectful, and neat and tidy. So I feel very safe!

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