In 2009, I connected with another Josephine Newman on facebook. Lucky for me, she was the sweetest girl ever – living in Prague! We stayed in touch for now 7 years, and exchanged postcards and gifts specific to our countries, with the typical: come and see me in Australia; come and see me in Prague!

Well, today I arrived in Prague at Florec bus station and Josephine (Fina) had arranged for her two excellent friends Adele and Veronika to meet me, holding a sign with my name!! Incredible!!  
Completely blown away by the warm welcome!!

Within seconds  I felt at home – they had had a girls night the night before and had watched Eat, Pray and Love: she told me I should watch the movie as it was “me”. I haven’t watched it yet, but I will!

They took me to Adele’s family house which has been used in a Chinese movie apparently.

On the way to her house it crossed my mind that I really did not know these girls and they MAY be in an organ harvesting ring about to harvest my Kidneys. I kept an eye on things, and we chatted about their company: economics of positive psychology, and their plan to move their business into Bali (hence the Eat Pray Love viewing). I decided they were not after my kidneys…


We sat down around the table and enjoyed coffee and champagne while waiting for Fina to arrive. I felt like I was on a reality TV show : This Is Your Life! Etc. 

Such fantastic girls, we discussed the refugee situation, and the differences and similarities between life in Australia and life in Prague for the 30 something female. 

  Fina arrived, and it was so surreal!! After 7 years of writing! Thank you Facebook!

  Then, the girls delivered us to the city where Fina showed me around, helped me buy an appropriate jacket, and showed me the best beer in Prague.
This is a place called U dvou kocek – 2 cats 

A guy was playing the piano accordion.

Then, we took a walk over Charles Bridge.
  Which was funny seeing as it was the living version of the postcard Fina sent to me a few months ago!


 Here is a Trdelnik – a tasty traditional street dessert in Old Town Square.

Tomorrow, more adventures with Fina and her friends. Lucky me!

With love, from Josephine

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