it feels like in Berlin, there are no grown ups. Stephanie said that that probably explains why they cannot build an airport! Apparently it has been “almost finished” for a few years now.

In Berlin, you can go out in your sneakers, and a t shirt, and feel safe at night! Beer is cheaper than water, food options seem to be endless and delicious. 65 different nationalities in Berlin apparently. So that is reflected in the variety of food available at all hours of the day or night!

Here’s me tasting an Aryan Mango at a Turkish place at midnight with some people we randomly met at Klunkerkranich:

In our group there was a New Yorker with Turkish roots, a Russian called Waldemar, a German photographer, an Indian Architect, and a Portugese engineer both living in Berlin…we danced to retro hip hop, and drank beer and walked around in Neukölln laughing !

Here are some shots from the alternative tour that I took:


I’m sadly leaving Berlin today. It is very hard to leave this fantastic city. I’ve been so lucky to experience Berlin with people who live here. I can’t thank them enough. To have a glimpse into life as a Berliner – wunderbar!! I want to live here now!

Unfortunately, the last time I saw Stephanie was as she was carried down her 5 flights of stairs by men with “Krankentransport” on their jackets – to take her to the Krankenwagon waiting for her on Sonnenalee. Poor Steph has hurt her back, and was in excruciating pain. She walked and rode around Berlin with me for a week, but the pain flared up last night. Terrible.

  Here’s the view from the window of the room I stayed in at their apartment.
And the room!

And Steph and I in the U Bahn. Thank you Steph! 

Now I am sitting on the Meinfernbus headed for Prague. 

With love, from Josephine

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