Imbiss is basically a food caravan – usually selling curry wurst. Think of it as the original hot dog stand. 

After two weeks of vegetarian goodness, I had a hankering for any kind of meat. Luckily my colleagues did too, and together we went on an Imbiss mission around Salzetal.

This is us at the first stop. Sadly this Imbiss was closed. Javin, Mika and I – representing India, Italy, Australia and Albania.

Then, with a hunger setting in, we searched the other side of the lake for another Imbiss:

Very beautiful sunset.

Seeburg Lake. Which means Lake Fortress.

We settled for a beer first, at a lovely lakeside bar,

Then set off for any Imbiss at all:

Finally found an open one!

Just like Hawaii’s shrimp shack?

That döner tasted like heaven. Followed by a pistachio icecream from Bonjour service station. Bliss!! 


I love looking up at the sky and seeing the flight lines of the planes cross crossing above.

With love, from Josephine 

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