Day off today, so I got the 309 from Schochwitz to Halle, and then the train to Leipzig.

Tip: get off at Markt, not HBF. I typically walk the wrong direction whenever in a new city. So – turn right…not left. Just a small tip.

I arrived just as the 12 noon bells toll. This is still a novelty for me, but Leipzig seems like a very laid back place with minimum tourists, so no one made a fuss of the bells except me!

  My great grandfather – Nan’s Dad, apparently studied here in the late 1800s, and then went to Corrigin, WA to start farming. As one does. I hear it was not an easy life for him…

Anyway, the University was easy to find: straight down from HBF in the city centre. There are quite a few buildings with graffiti still, and broken windows. No one else from my family has come here, because of the circumstances in the 70s when my Dad was in Erlangen for 5 years. 
This is the Hauptbahnhof garden:


Here I am in the University by an urban vegetable garden.  
  This is me tucking into a steak. Brilliant.


Here is the shining, new Leipzig University! Somewhat different to my great grandfather’s version of the campus.


I also hit up H&M for some basics. I wish I hadn’t brought any clothes at all to Europe! It is much cheaper here: like €5 for a top vs $59+++!!!! However, I only have a small bag, so I cannot shop! But, in just over 2 weeks I have obtained:

1 x pair of cute tan cowboy boots

1 x white boho dress  

1 x €4 Netto flip flops bc mine decided to die. 

1 x black Nike sneakers for running from the discount place – only €59!

1 x tights from H&M

1 x blue t shirt

1 x breton striped long sleeved top – perfect striped shirts don’t come by very often- the struggle is real! Had to get it..

1 x floral tank top

Hmm that’s all for now. Might need to find a Deutsch Post. Apparently they are few and far between…carrier pigeon?

With love, from Josephine

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