This is the view at sunset from just behind the castle, through a cornfield. 

Everything about my experience feels so much like it is out of a picture book, or fairytale.

I pulled my bike over on the side of the road, to be passed by people in little Euro cars, and I set up camp in the long grass, enjoying the absence of poisonous snakes, spiders and even fences! There are no fences here in Germany, unlike Australia.

I looked over the village of Schochwitz, thinking of who might have sat in this exact spot 1000 years ago, when the road was a track, and the passers by were on horseback, or walking!

There is a timeless feel to the view. Peaceful, and steady. All is well in the village:

Hopefully my photography skills can only improve…

Today we were very busy with guests in the castle. I love the feeling of being truly tired out, after an honest hard day’s work. I cannot explain the pleasure of a piece of Sourdough rye bread with butter and a cup of tea. Bliss.

After lunch, Mercedes took Mika, Jay and I for a drive. We ended up a little lost, but for me it was still a fantastic destination: Delitzch Castle. We basically drove 2 hours for an icecream, but what do they say? It’s about the journey, not the destination!


Pretty nice for a neighboring castle! Apparently it is a Baroque era castle, so a lot newer than our Schloss here at Schochwitz.

I’m really enjoying it here at the castle. Ingrid and Jim have welcomed us into their home, and their life, and it is feeling like I am part of the family! 

With love, from Josephine 

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