German phrases are starting to stick in my head now. Haben zee gut geshlafen? 

Entschuldigung! My favorite! It means: sorry. I love the lengthy words. So great for describing things.

My other favorite is genau – exactly! 

Today we marched out of the castle gate before the bells chimed 6. This is getting easier. Still not THAT pretty at 5:45am though.

Ingrid ordered us all barefoot into a running stream. Even though it is summer, it’s still quite crispy first thing in the morning! I certainly felt invigorated after this experience! 

This is called Water Therapy. More on this later… 
After quickly waking up this way, we were guided up into the forrest and to an old, overgrown Mausoleum which Ingrid explained had once overlooked the castle, and was an important spiritual burial ground.

Unfortunately, the area was raided in the Second World War, and has since gone into disrepair.

After this we walked through long grass, and more fields and I marveled at how we were able to do this without any deadly snakes or spiders to worry about ! Not anything like Australia!

Finally, this is our castle theme song:

And, after lunch, Ingrid and Mercedes took me to the lake for an icecream, and then we went on Berry picking adventurers, and found peaches and apples and plums just growing wild on the side of the road! I’m really starting to feel at home here and like a part of the castle family. 

 With love, from Josephine. 

Seeburg: which means Fortress Lake.


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