Thank you for asking me to explain what this place is, and what people expect to gain out of coming here.
This is a Healing Castle. The explanation is in the name, Countess Ingrid says.

But, I still need more help understanding this incredible place.
So, Schloss Schochowitz is a 12th century castle, which is built on a line of energy called a Ley Line. 

Drawing on the Chinese concept of Feng shui, the Ley lines are part of the Earth’s energy system and this site has been historically used for 1000s of years for healing! 
So the idyllic castle offers both a venue for weddings and conferences, as well as being a centre for healing and rejuvenation.

I’m obviously here not for the wedding venue, but can see that it is an ideal overseas destination for a wedding!! Beautifully appointed rooms to get ready in, plenty of rooms for your guests, several locations for the ceremony and reception: either a chapel, or a civil service outside in the courtyard of the castle. 

Then there is a luxurious banquet hall for your reception; or perhaps you can use the park with a pond, right next to the castle. 

For the healing retreat side of things, this is how your day looks: even for me as a volunteer!!
5:45am wake up 
6:00am yoga, or meditation and mindfulness, or a brisk walk through the picturesque and historical Saxon-Anhalt countryside as the morning bells toll, and the first birds wake as they have for hundreds of years (well, not the exact same birds but you get the idea). Goosebumps.
7:00am nourishing breakfast and conversation with Countess Ingrid and Lord James Welsh, who own and live in the castle with their amazingly beautiful and smart daughter Mercedes who speaks 5 languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French, but is modest and down to earth. So inspiring.

Then the day begins in the castle. All facilities are open to be utilized in an unlimited way for the guests.
This includes:
– Mud baths
– Crystal bed therapy 
– Counselling with Ingrid
– Water therapy
– Access to the meditation room to do your own yoga between sessions
They tailor each package to you individually, and only have a maximum of 10 guests at a time, so that each person’s experience is personalised.

Whether you want to come here to unwind and de-stress after a burnout at work or life changing event; or perhaps just treat yourself to a country retreat to deepen your yoga practice, centre yourself and rejuvenate, ready for the next chapter in life – the Castle will have something for you. In fact, what you put in, you will get out. Lessons lie in unexpected places. This morning I found myself playing Ave Maria for the guided meditation. I was initially nervous and have not practiced for years, but just stuck with it and found that playing the piano is actually effective in making my mind still – the very thing you’re supposed to achieve in meditation! If my mind wandered even a little bit, I would make a mistake. It’s like an active meditation.

Learning every day…
As a volunteer, I am not an at leisure guest. I’ve never been any good at that anyway. I’m really enjoying having tasks every day, that are really different to what I was doing only 2 weeks ago at my regular job! A task might be taking stale bread to the pond to give to the ducks…or taking lavender pillows to the guest rooms…or helping Mercedes make up a room for the guests, or making lunch or dinner for the others working in the castle. It’s a very cool experience to actually live here, and engage in every day life with Ingrid, Jim, Mercedes, and the other volunteers: a 34 year old Italian studying natural medicine, a 53 year old German who is a life coach, and a 23 year old Albanian who has never left Albania before and is very sweet. We are a motley team, and our conversations and interactions throughout each day in the castle are ever changing and filled with drama and hilarity ! Never ever a dull moment here.
With love, from Josephine

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