I’m living in a 12th Century castle, with beautifully appointed rooms, and on one of my walks through, I saw a room with a grand piano.  

When I got back from Halle-Saale after my day of aimlessly wandering around, getting lost in the rain and eating Curry-Wurst and Putensteak.


 I arrived back to my colleague being angry that I had gone to Halle without him. Not that we had made any plans to go together! He seemed to have decided that he had some kind of ownership over me because he had shown me around the castle on my first day. I don’t know. He also keeps trying to convince me to let him give me massages and go swimming even if it is raining!

So I gladly skipped out of the castle alone for the day.

When I arrived back, I again wanted to escape, so in a dramatic fashion I ran out of the living quarters, and into the tower and up and up staircase, into the top hallway and began opening and closing all the doors looking and looking for the room with the piano – all while looking over my shoulder making sure he wasn’t coming after me. Very dramatic.

I piously played for 2 hours, calming my nerves. For some reason it felt right to play Baroque rather than Romantic or Classical. I found myself playing Bach’s Prelude – or Ave Maria!

Then, I returned from the piano salon and had firm words with my colleague which resulted in a bit of a yelling match. How have I come from working as a criminal lawyer in Bunbury, to yelling at an Italian in a Castle in Germany? It’s not ideal. 

Back to Ave Maria to calm down…


With love, from Josephine

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