Three trains and a bus, 6 hours from Munchen HBF – and I am here, at the healing castle.  
Upon arrival, I told Ingrid – pleased to meet you, thank you for having me. To which she replied: “we will see!”. She has such good energy and is really authentic. I like her immediately. An excellent, no nonsense woman.

It is going well. The castle is 12th century, and was purchased 6 years ago by Ingrid and Jim to use for a healing retreat, and for weddings and events. They host volunteers like me, who get to join in with the yoga, meditation and exercise; in exchange for helping them prepare the castle for the guests!! The rooms are still decorated in a vintage way, and are beautiful. It’s remarkable. 
My room is up a very small spiral stone staircase, and it overlooks the pond which I visited today to give yesterday’s bread to the ducks.
 My staircase: 

I made a soup, and so far things are going fine. The 5:40am wake up call for a brisk trot through the countryside was a bit difficult while jetlagged, but I made it! We saw apples on trees, and wild berries. 
With love, from Josephine 



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