After 24 hours of travel to Munich from Perth, it was severe jetlag territory. So this post will reflect that. 

What can I say: the German trains are on time, and reliable, and fast! From the airport, I was able to sail through customs in 10 minutes, after a slight interrogation from a surly customs man about my return ticket, and back balance, and intentions in Germany, and onto a fast train to the Hauptbahnhof, out of which I was popped straight into the centre of Munich!! 

My hostel Wombats was across the road from the station, and easy to find. I was really impressed with the standard actually – very clean and modern. Great value for €28 a night.

Here are some of the places I recommend visiting if you are in Munich:

1. Marienplatz – walk around the general area at about midday, to catch the Glockenspiel perform.

2. Catch the Lederhosen Express to wherever you please. They are basically a bike, with a buggy on the back. Very nice breeze.

3. Visit the Brandhorst Museum where there is a permanent Warhol collection, and Cy Twombly installation. I recommend the Garden of Roses room, with Rilke poetry.

4. Aperol Spritz on the roof terrace of China Moon bar which is on top of the Mandarin Oriental. It is being renovated currently, but don’t let that put you off! Push through to the top!

5. Any of the famous beer halls – but in Summer, everyone wants to be outside so we didn’t stay in them.

6. Walk around the outdoor market just next to Marienplatz and enjoy a juice, icecream or oysters and lobster tail at the Nordsee.

7. Seehaus restaurant at the English Garten. Breathtaking view of the lake, with beautiful sparkling light. Such a lovely scene, if not a little too posh for me..:but stunning and a must see.

8. Stroll around the Nymphenburger Palace gardens and take yourself back in time. There are hidden glades with wild strawberries, fallen logs and mushrooms – just like a Hans Christian Andersen illustrated story book!

With love, from Josephine


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