The meditation room is an old chapel. I feel like this is a monastic experience. Rise before dawn, the castle is quiet. The birds are not yet awake. The air is cool. 
The meditation room is peaceful, and Ingrid takes us through the meditation. The bell tolls 6am and we have already started. My mind is already off and not still as it is supposed to be. How do people sit like this for a whole hour??

Half 6, the bell chimes again and I open one eye to see if Ingrid might allow us to finish? No such luck. My knees hurt. It’s cold. I feel like a 15th century monk or nun.
My mind starts wandering again. Back to thoughts that have no purpose right here, at 6:30am in a castle in country Germany.
Ingrid starts chanting, and then we all sing Ave Maria. I almost feel like I should be wearing a habit, rather than Lululemon yoga clothes. Goosebumps, the bell of the village church chimes 7 times. The old castle cat walks across the courtyard gingerly, looking for food.
The birds are singing an starting to stir in the trees. I feel like I am Maria in The Sound of Music. The day has begun. 


With love, from Josephine

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